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    This role is coming along slowly huh

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    @laphess hi))

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    Yellow Im back

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    @frostbite989 sure))

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    (should I jump in )?

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    @frostbite989 accepted))

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    Name: Talia Kyles Age: 19 Hair: Red Eyes: Bright blue Weight: 101 personality: Talia is a tough individual who has slowly started to grow colder due to the world slowly falling apart and going to hell. She prefers to do things on her own and is not easy to trust others. However, she is loyal to those who stick with her Skills: Sniping (she hunted with her father) writing Lock picking auto mechanics weaknesses: Big or heavy weapons building or carpentry making friends appearance; She has a slim build, being somewhat malnourished by lack of food. She has a knife scar below her left eye Curves and a 28 C bust her legs are built from years of gymnastics

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    @aidenkeys well

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    @mysterypheonix good job, your like my personal worker))

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