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  1. Posted by death_rose ,

    @dc_nerd Alrighttt

  2. Posted by Dc_nerd ,

    @death_rose it’s @xximhumantooxx

  3. Posted by death_rose ,

    @dc_nerd Okay gotcha. So whos my sibling?

  4. Posted by Dc_nerd ,


  5. Posted by Dc_nerd ,

    @death_rose first thing, this is a bio room now second okay cool third once everything gets sorted out if other people are going to than yes

  6. Posted by death_rose ,

    @dc_nerd Are you going to make them go ro highschool like we planned xD

  7. Posted by death_rose ,

    @dc_nerd Yea im fine with having a sibling

  8. Posted by death_rose ,

    Hi. Whats thus?

  9. Posted by Dc_nerd ,

    @coldfront good i’ll add everyone too the new one

  10. Posted by sonofhades ,

    How his instant freezing works Innitial touch : frost forms 1 minute : loose feeling ice starts forming 5 minutes: frost bite forms 10 minutes: sever frostbite 30 minutes you are frozen

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