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  1. Posted by Njad11 ,

    @_katerina yeah you may))

  2. Posted by the_katerina ,

    May I join ?))

  3. Posted by Forbidden_Rose ,

    @njad11 yes please!)$

  4. Posted by Njad11 ,

    @artemis_ she isnt taken so? You want to join)))

  5. Posted by Forbidden_Rose ,

    @njad11 well if Stephanie Brown is taken I'd gladly join!)$

  6. Posted by Njad11 ,

    @artemis_ a lot we haven't started because ee need people

  7. Posted by Forbidden_Rose ,

    @njad11 got any free characters left?))

  8. Posted by Njad11 ,

    I made one@artemis_ )))

  9. Posted by Forbidden_Rose ,

    Anyone still here down for a BatFamily + Villain RP DM?))

  10. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    @njad11 add me too it

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