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  1. Posted by princevegeta67 ,

    @treyツ true it’s like 12:14am lol))

  2. Posted by Ayeeitsles ,

    @frost_demon_angel its not dead just ppl are sleeping or busy))

  3. Posted by princevegeta67 ,

    Please don’t be dead 0_o)

  4. Posted by princevegeta67 ,

    Looking at the fight* “.........”

  5. Posted by Ayeeitsles ,

    @vegitosan "Aaah!" Topple yelled in pain as he was tricked. His legs gave out on him for a second. But quickly Topple flew up into the air giving himself some time to breath. 'Dang this guys is pretty good.. I don't think only super saiyan would work on him.' He charged up to max power. 'One more go. If it fails then time for plan B' He thought as he charged back down at Vegito.

  6. Posted by princevegeta67 ,

    @kryoズ you got that right brother..i work for the money..I used to be in a Underground Arcosian sayian extermination program..I eliminated more sayians that you could damn count..hmp..*he gets a zeni out and flips it around through his fingers * that job taught me everything I know..that’s why I know everything about the sayians..but this god..phase they are having hmp..is something way beyond my comprehension but..I’m starting to get it and I enjoy it..

  7. Posted by rosekengito ,

    •As i sense an open area of you body i teleport behind you making a clone of me for a distraction and hit you in the spine and thighs• THERE!

  8. Posted by Malzor ,

    @frost_demon_angel Kryo raises a brow in curiosity. This is one predicament he did not believe he would find himself in. "A bounty hunter Arcosian? Interesting... And you're wrong, I am NOTHING like Frieza. I've worked for something called the Time Patrol, but I don't believe I'm allowed to go into that. " He says, hands on his hips.

  9. Posted by Ayeeitsles ,

    @vegitosan Without hesitation Topple charges at Vegito throwing multiple punches. "My cockiness comes from what you'll be experiencing right now!"

  10. Posted by rosekengito ,

    @treyツ Im Ready! •Prepares for the attack as i focus on what attacks your gonna use on me•

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