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    @boon_dogg @angels_scarlet_ Kai nodded and kept the sugar stick sticking out of his mouth. "Alright ill see you there!" He ran to his locker and grabbed his gear before heading on over to the gym. He was leaning on the door underneath the AC vent waiting JD.

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    @leggomykiddoz "Huh? Uh, sure I guess. I'd have to stop by my locker real fast, so I'll meet you there." He started to back away, patted his chest twice, then walked out the cafeteria. He'd surely make it to the gym before long, cause his locker was close by.

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    @boon_dogg "Doesnt matter dude" he smirked. "The demons will try to kill us all the same" he then ate another sugar stick. "so wana go check out the gym? I heard you can fight each other there to help pick teams"

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    @leggomykiddoz JD smiled and balled his fist up, popping his knuckles as he pushed them together. "Sorry man, but for the role I play in group fights? The most important member is a healer, to me. I'd rather take in one healer, than two strikers. It's just how I work."

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    @boon_dogg "Even if we did have one. You shouldn't rely on them" he muttered as he crossed his arms and bit down on the sugar stick. "I mean your looks? I dont know about all that" he chuckled. "But those fist and whip might be able to do some damage" he chuckled.

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    @leggomykiddoz "Besides my good looks? My fist and whip. You'll see if we ever end up in combat on the field together. Who knows? We could probably be a good team. Well- we'd need a healer of course. That's pretty mandatory."

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    @boon_dogg "Welp sorry to dissappoint but im not a healer." He chuckled. "So what kind of weapon you got? I mean we are hunting demons after all. Any good gear?" He asked inserting a sugar stick in his mouth and letting half of it stick out.

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    @leggomykiddoz He chuckled at the fat ass, joke. "Nothing much really. I had just dumped my stuff in my locker and made my way here to eat, and see who it wouldn't hurt to make a group with in this place. I'm personally looking for anyone who can do any form of healing, ya know?"

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    @boon_dogg "But fast food is the best food out there. Sorry im just a certified fat ass" he busted out laughing. "But hey nice meeting you JD. So what's your deal?" He asked trying to figure out where this man's weapon was.

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