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    @leggomykiddoz just read on what's happened so far and try to fit in with the group I could just say you've been with us.. @sovereign_hybrid same for you)

  2. Posted by leggomykiddoz ,

    Hmm how do i jump in lol))

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    @angels_darkness_ Name: Nathaniel Mercy Nickname: Nathan Gender: male Age: 17 Height: 5'11 Weight: 153lbs Class: demon hunter Style: dual swordsman Weapons: twin swords Raijin and Fujin Abilities: the sword Raijin grants Nathan lightning manipulation in one arm and wind in the other. Limitations: can't manipulate the elements with the sword in his hand Weakness: he is a regular human Personality: Arrogant, humorous, gluttoness, hardshell, kind when he wants to be. Likes: Challenges Fighting Parkour Calisthenics Training Meditating Eating Reading Music Animals Dislikes: Injustice Corruption Disrespect Poverty Chaos

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    @angels_darkness_ ok ))

  5. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    @sovereign_hybrid bio and pic)

  6. Posted by kingvenom1435 ,

    @angels_darkness_ can I join?))

  7. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    @shormoi oh alrighty)

  8. Posted by shormoi ,

    Na just lost interest really... I'm sorry)

  9. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    Are you at work? @shormoi )

  10. Posted by shormoi ,

    ( continue without me)

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