1. Posted by john_huwit ,

    I don’t want to go

  2. Posted by how_is_space ,

    Well, it is said in the show that it has happened before, and we've seen it on screen twice so in terms of gender it doesn't really mean anything to the time lord as a species, and Missy does reference that he may have once been a little girl during the zygon invasion episode so I don't think all the previous doctors being male makes any difference

  3. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,

    All the other doctors where male so I think this one should b male

  4. Posted by how_is_space ,

    Cool, reasons?

  5. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,

    I hate it

  6. Posted by how_is_space ,

    Excited, but a little afraid on how they're gonna handle her, a bit like when they announced wonder woman. It could either go really well or just be iffy

  7. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,

    How do you guys feel about the new female doctor

  8. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,


  9. Posted by how_is_space ,

    Like they could do well, but it's just something they're not used to

  10. Posted by AnimeGrlBoss ,

    Okay, same honestly.

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