1. Posted by timelord .,

    I wonder what direction the show will take after Capaldi leaves.

  2. Posted by solomon G,

    It's not official but everywhere is saying that he is. These rumours don't make it into the news unless there is some truth to it.

  3. Posted by timelord .,

    True. But it looks credible.

  4. Posted by roswin ,

    But is it just a speculation? It doesn't seem confirmed .

  5. Posted by timelord .,

    That's what it said in the Sun and that Bill won't make it past her first season.

  6. Posted by roswin ,

    Is it confirmed that he's his replacement?

  7. Posted by timelord .,

    Just read that in the Sun. I don't think he's the Tennant type and it's going to be hard to follow up in Capaldi's shoes.

  8. Posted by timelord .,

    That's a good question. I didn't think about what he was guarding.

  9. Posted by solomon G,

    Kris Marshall is the new doctor

  10. Posted by timelordoracle ,

    What do you think was in the vault he spent 70 years guarding

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