4.81K Messages  |  262 PEOPLEDDLG this is a group for littles to come and find a daddy no roleplay in this group all to DM

  1. Posted by cupcakebaby ,

    I'm looking for a clean RP daddy

  2. Posted by cupcakebaby ,

    @thunderbolt_ii yeah lol

  3. Posted by tommerbob_56 ,

    Hey, anyone looking for a daddy

  4. Posted by atago_chan ,

    @babydolls that's good

  5. Posted by daurn_24 ,

    Any Littles wanna skype

  6. Posted by cupcakebaby ,

    I'm good haha@kendricklamar18

  7. Posted by atago_chan ,

    @babydolls hey. How's you?

  8. Posted by cupcakebaby ,


  9. Posted by atago_chan ,

    Sup yall

  10. Posted by BunBun_ ,

    @lord__d3rtba6 welp

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