5.72K Messages  |  279 PEOPLEDDLG this is a group for littles to come and find a daddy no roleplay in this group all to DM

  1. Posted by br4v3h34r7_12 ,

    😈Flirty fun👅 , only nudes if you wish to share no pressure the lads will only share if the women give them the 👌🏻 no pms w/o asking if they do they get removed dm me for any questions

  2. Posted by wr3tch3dm1nd ,

    Ah. An excellent place for pickup. I wonder, what may I encounter here?

  3. Posted by that_femboi_sub ,

    Hi sissy 21 here looking for a daddy to own me pls read bio <3

  4. Posted by Shirohebi ,

    @karma7275 that's not how this works my dude...

  5. Posted by laxus7275 ,

    Dm me if you wanna rp or trade nudes need a new play thing 😜 broke my last one

  6. Posted by Skip ,

    Hey there lovely littles 🖖🏻 I'm a daddy dom and I'm looking for a loyal little to take care, love and play 😋 If any of you interested, just dm me 😊

  7. Posted by oxymoronツ ,

    Hello lovelies. My name is Mars and I am a Switch/ Dom. I have been for a few years now, and I'm looking for ONE little to care for and bow down to her as my queen. I hope some of you are interested! Dm me if so. ❤️

  8. Posted by shyguy1132_64 ,

    Any littles or mommies wanting to make 5-10grand dm.me

  9. Posted by deadshot469594_72 ,


  10. Posted by Kaitlyn ,

    Looking for a really dominant person, who knows how to make a plot interesting or is creative, as i would love to try something new. (No pictures will be involved, including face ones)

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