5.7K Messages  |  290 PEOPLEDDLG this is a group for littles to come and find a daddy no roleplay in this group all to DM

  1. Posted by lil_penz ,

    i don't know what life is. i'm a sad trumpet player and that's the only thing i can say about myself, i'm not allowed to leave the house except for school for the most part so i'm always down to talk. i like memes and stuff

  2. Posted by oxymoronツ ,

    Hello lovelies. My name is Mars and I am a Switch/ Dom. I have been for a few years now, and I'm looking for ONE little to care for and bow down to her as my queen. I hope some of you are interested! Dm me if so. ❤️

  3. Posted by pppancake_8 ,

    Hello 😊

  4. Posted by madigotscared ,

    @justnobody youre literally only salty bc i dony reply to you. chill lol.

  5. Posted by jl10343 ,


  6. Posted by tylerloui ,

    Want a cute daughter daddy waiting message me

  7. Posted by pervymaster ,

    @madigotscared so you saying you don't open the app at all? because I checked whether you are real or not by sending you a message once in a week so you telling me you don't open the app even once in week? smh

  8. Posted by Daddydomisme ,

    == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Rigger 100% Sadist 100% Master/Mistress 100% Daddy/Mommy 100% Primal (Hunter) 99% Owner 99% Degrader 96% Dominant 76% Experimentalist 63% Exhibitionist 51% Masochist 47% Ageplayer 45% Voyeur 40% Non-monogamist

  9. Posted by randomguy66_12 ,

    Looking for a female sub who’s willing to submit to a dominant master or daddy DM me now if you’re interested

  10. Posted by madigotscared ,

    @justnobody actually im not fake, i just dont get notifications for this app so its hard for me to know when someone messages me, nice try though :)

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