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  1. Posted by ticcixtobyxrogers ,

    Can i be genderbent arkham knight?

  2. Posted by ticcixtobyxrogers ,

    @king_waffles Ticci toby!

  3. Posted by king_waffles ,

    Hey I was wondering if I could join your Role Play if so can I be green lantern

  4. Posted by awesometacular ,

    Ill be the flash too yeah?

  5. Posted by alisha_gaming1821 ,

    (@__harley_quinn_ oh ok)

  6. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    @alisha_gaming1821 no one else is going to discover this chat it fine

  7. Posted by alisha_gaming1821 ,

    (@__harley_quinn_ but what if other people will know Robin is open but I'm Robin?)

  8. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    @alisha_gaming1821 no but you are

  9. Posted by Aunt_may ,


  10. Posted by alisha_gaming1821 ,

    (@__harley_quinn_ did you list me as Robin?)

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