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  1. Posted by Penny_Bloodrose ,

    (u start?)

  2. Posted by robrae_tt ,

    [] @us3r53440 Ah, Okay! In that case I'd love to join, lol. I'll be Raven from the Teen Titans, then, funny you mentioned the other version lol. []

  3. Posted by Penny_Bloodrose ,

    (remember that episode of teen titans go where robin sees his past from when he was a baby at the circus that his family did? it's a bit like that)

  4. Posted by Penny_Bloodrose ,

    (i was going for the characters as children, like i did with deadshot)

  5. Posted by robrae_tt ,

    [] Hi just a question, is this the heroes as children, or them having their own kids? Just curious, is love to join :) []

  6. Posted by Penny_Bloodrose ,

    (name floyd lawton(the guy who became deadshot) age 4 gender male race human)

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