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  1. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    Can you pick some one else

  2. Posted by i_love_luci ,

    No @__harley_quinn_ ll

  3. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    Is he an OC

  4. Posted by i_love_luci ,

    @__harley_quinn_ here he is ll

  5. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    @i_love_luci I still dont know who he is can you send a picturr

  6. Posted by i_love_luci ,

    @__harley_quinn_ he is the blonde exorcist ? ll

  7. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,


  8. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,


  9. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    Can um you guy please stop talking about it I dont want to be mean and I have it to but this is kinda my escape from it

  10. Posted by mysticalfire ,

    @harryfrickingpotter (its ok)

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