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    ((@ashconstantine nice

  3. Posted by ashconstantine ,

    (Yeah! Lol)

  4. Posted by RavenRoth ,

    ((@ashconstantine is your pfp Pink Dimond?

  5. Posted by ashconstantine ,

    So Barry Allen, am I right? Lol

  6. Posted by RavenRoth ,

    ((No thanks. Im more of a DC comic fan than i am of the shows

  7. Posted by supergirllover ,

    Would you like to rp arrow or the flash

  8. Posted by RavenRoth ,

    ((Havent seen it yet. Personally, my favorite is Gotham

  9. Posted by supergirllover ,

    @ravenroth what about cw supergirl

  10. Posted by RavenRoth ,


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