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  1. Posted by Yami ,

    Waka Wakav

  2. Posted by nugacity ,


  3. Posted by Yami ,

    I’ll start posting things when others have posted.

  4. Posted by nugacity ,

    So, I'm going to introduce a werewolf into the guild. Given her history with a certain group of people, would anyone want to be her rival?

  5. Posted by Yami ,

    Go wild~

  6. Posted by nugacity ,

    Maybe a Japanese woman who turns into a werewolf?

  7. Posted by lushy ,


  8. Posted by deaddreams ,

    Werewolves are cool af

  9. Posted by Yami ,

    It’s cool, Goat. I haven’t seen a person play a werewolf in a long-ass time.

  10. Posted by deaddreams ,

    I'm a little busy

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