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    Addi walks back over to her cousins still wiping her face with her sleeves. She didn’t watch where she was going do to lack of vision and walked towards the person that wasn’t far from where they were sitting and nearly walked into the street. @sabby1shill @alex_wolf @paper_flowers

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    @sabby1shill okay.))

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    (And, sorry about this, but I'm getting ready to go to bed. I'll speak with you tomorrow, I hope.)

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    @sabby1shill right...?))

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    (Mine was saying that too, actually, so I kept trying and trying. I even restarted my phone. Some people on here get real angry if you don't reply in .4 seconds or less.)

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    @sabby1shill I kept trying to remember my password but it kept saying it was incorrect and there was an error. Then I had a panic attack because of that. So I’m trying to find everyone that I’ve been talking to.))

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    (It took me twenty minutes to log in earlier...)

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    @sabby1shill yeah.))

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    (Yeah, Geeking's glitching real bad.)

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    @sabby1shill hey can you edit the aa for me? I had to make a new account- it’s lostlittlegirl.))

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