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    @sabby1shill okay.))

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    (And, sorry about this, but I'm getting ready to go to bed. I'll speak with you tomorrow, I hope.)

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    @sabby1shill right...?))

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    (Mine was saying that too, actually, so I kept trying and trying. I even restarted my phone. Some people on here get real angry if you don't reply in .4 seconds or less.)

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    @sabby1shill I kept trying to remember my password but it kept saying it was incorrect and there was an error. Then I had a panic attack because of that. So I’m trying to find everyone that I’ve been talking to.))

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    (It took me twenty minutes to log in earlier...)

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    @sabby1shill yeah.))

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    (Yeah, Geeking's glitching real bad.)

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    @sabby1shill hey can you edit the aa for me? I had to make a new account- it’s lostlittlegirl.))

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    Kyatta watches for a little longer, then, whilst feeling very bored, bargain surveying her surroundings. A lot of people pass by, seemingly oblivious that there were living in such a dangerous world. She shakes that feeling off and continues to look around. A beautifully landscaped park was a good hundred yards from the path they were sitting on, and a juggling man walks in that park.

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