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    @jadetano DeD

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    @sexbangツ Well here goes nothing. Jade:God of Jewels. Jade was born of Mahs dreams of a World with perfection; where all mortals were wealthy and Happy. Though he didn't turn out as one would think. He's greedy, and consently acts more important than other God's. Though he serves a important role, the mortals pray to him with smithing, Hoping he will smile upon them and Grant them luck in forging. Powers: Can summon jewels and Weapons at will. He also is quite the smith. Password:Mah's children. Tell me if it's a fake out I'm never good at finding them for some reason. Spent 5 minutes one time looking for one. FOUND IT

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    @rune_revived Its dead man, I'm sorry))

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    Name:Ares Age:unknown Race:unknown Height:6'2 Occupation:God of war Weapons:golden sword and a shield Powers:Able to create and control armies. He can also control armies on the mortal world. Clothing:glowing,gold armor and a necklace that has a sword and shield on it Bodily features:brown hair,brown eyes (changes color depending on emotion),scar under his eye. During her slumber,Mah gained a glimpse of a war that has been raging in the mortal realm. During this time Mah created the god of war,a being that is primal as the dream that inspired them.

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    Just a tought

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    @zarosツ Idk))

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    Its a shame thatt its slow ;-;

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    Heyo guys @kelirium and why?

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    We should make a new rp room like this one?))

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    Ey @zarosツ

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