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    @sexbangツ Mahs Children btw.)

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    (Mahs children)

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    @sexbangツ I’m actually interested in this OuO...mind if I join??)

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    ▶Basics◀ Name: Alarian Alias: The Master of Mischief, The Titan of Tricks, The Duke of Deception, The Deal Master. Appeared Age: Late twenties Gender: Male Role: God of Trickery and Deception, Patron of Thieves, Politicians, etc. Sexuality: Straight ▶Appearance◀ Height: 5'11 Weight: 147 Lbs Body Type: Mesomorphic Physique: He appears to be quite thin, devoid of any true muscle. But he's a god so... Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Piercings/Tattoos: N/A Scars/Markings: N/A ▶ Abilities ◀ Besides the obvious. He can make deals with other gods that involve things outside of his realm of control. (Within reason) (@sexbangツ )

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    @口nicotine口 @anarchist @dark_fantasies @parallel @pepsigh You guys posted decently, or in peps case I know that you're a good RPer. Just try and post more often)

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    @sexbangツ don't think you can just get rid of me without blocking me.)

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    @sexbangツ :P. Jeez. Didn't even mention me. I'm in this till the end m8)

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    @greywolf alright ill add you to the AA

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