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    @niklaus not yet. Wanna rp? Even though I'm still not exactly sure what to do? ^^;;;;;))

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    { Did this die? }

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    { I'm here }

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    @jewelsツ @darkstarnara As I had heard the door click I try to hurry and looked around the room quickly.. I couldn't find anything to use really as a weapon but then began frantically moving furniture around. As I was I find a vent and I Felt cold sweat behind my neck. With a gulp I knew that had to be the only way out and I begun to pull at it and continuing to do so really hard I was able to take it out and then begin to crawl through it quickly yet silently.

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    @darkstarnara sorry. Geeking has been a pest with its crashes and lags))

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    I'm here\\

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    { I'm back }

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    @animegeek @jewelsツ one of you gotta do more I have nothing ))

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    @darkstarnara @jewelsツ As I looked around the room slightly fidgeting my hands I hear the click at the door and quickly look towards it. I Didnt enjoy being trapped in a room it was one of my phobias. To add on I knew nothing that was going on.

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