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  1. Posted by Rhyth 💀,

    I hate that xD

  2. Posted by freeflying ,

    Literally same

  3. Posted by freeflying ,

    Well, I'd say the main difference is how in-depth the roleplayer's responses are and grammar. I'm not an expert by any means soooo yeah XD

  4. Posted by nagareboshi ,

    I'm not even joking because literally just a few moments ago a reply of mine in a chat got cut short because it was literally an article

  5. Posted by nagareboshi ,

    Then to you I'm probably semi-lit but I write a whole lot more in a reply than geeking will allow. 😂

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  8. Posted by freeflying ,

    Technically, yes..? Since advanced uses a lot of in depth details and proper grammar and semi is honestly just a adv. Lit dumbed down for a more casual feel. Thats how I see it personally, dont know whats factual.

  9. Posted by nagareboshi ,


  10. Posted by nagareboshi ,

    I think??

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