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  2. Posted by teylor ,

    @pill_head no problem

  3. Posted by pill_head ,

    @Teylor Ah, d'accord. My music is very secluded, so thank you for telling me. As for @Chance_ , you made me worry over nothing.

  4. Posted by teylor ,

    @pill_head they’re song lyrics

  5. Posted by teylor ,

    Hello everyone

  6. Posted by pill_head ,

    @Chance_ I'm sorry that you feel that way. Is there something in particular you need to let out? I'd be glad to hear and try to talk it out, but whatever you do, please don't do anything rash.

  7. Posted by varsace ,

    Suicide still maintain , het a phone call girl that you fucks with kill herself how is it if theres somebody nobody help

  8. Posted by pill_head ,

    @Chance_ what's going on? What makes you feel that way?

  9. Posted by varsace ,

    Im in pain , wanna pit ten shots in my brain held by some things i cant change

  10. Posted by pill_head ,

    Hello, @Dark_insane . Are you OK?

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