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    @knife_her_and_wife_her bio+pic!))

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    @suave732 acceepptteeedd))

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    Name: Austin Ace Age:19 Role: 🍷 Height: 5'9 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Relationship: single Description: mixed (spanish ) dark brown hair ~ear studs ~ tatt,forearm ~slim yet fit with toned six pack/biceps. Kinks~find out x3 Dislikes~ unfriendly bitches(tends to annoy),stuck up people Personality~cold hearted,fitness lover,Antisocial,sex addict,high key freak,alcoholic,chainsmoker,barely ever sober,Raver every night Background~ Father was a drug lord/ mother a stripper(both presently deceased)

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    @travisthedemon Welcome)) @suave732 😂👌✌️⭐))

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    (@loverindreams Ok, thanks 😊)

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    @travisthedemon acceepptteeedd))

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    (@loverindreams Ok, here: ♡~Bio~♡ ~Basic~ Full Name: Travis Enki Valkrum. Age: 18. Gender: Male. Sexuality: Straight. P.O.B.: Unknown. D.O.B.: Unknown. Nationality: American. Language(s): English, Korean, Japanese. ~Appearance~ Hair Color: Snowy White Hair Texture: Soft/Fluffy Eye Color: Emerald Green. Skin Tone: Fair. Body Type: Athletic/Semi-Muscular Height: 6'1" Extra Facial Features: Clear complexion, dimples, almost following eyes. ~Personality~ Trait(s): Quiet, flirty, smart, sweet, playful, slightly creepy/scary, kind. Like(s): Spirituality/paranormality, supernatural things, cats, owls, magic, tacos, music, girls. Dislike(s): Goody-goodies, players, sluts, jerks, know-it-alls. Habit(s): Sighing, pouting, smirking, rolling eyes, ruffling hair, biting bottom lip. ~Family~ Father: Terrance Valkrum (American) Mother: Lavender Valkrum (South Korean-Japanese Mix) Twin Sister: Paige Valkrum (South Korean/Japanese-American Mix) ♡~Bio~♡ Is this ok?)

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    @travisthedemon bio+pic)) @lunacorn1013 acceepptteeedd))

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