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  1. Posted by shino_onihs ,

    @bigbadwolf Lol... I am a trap. Well the character my pfp is.

  2. Posted by brittislit ,

    You fool, that card only works after you've drawn the rape card

  3. Posted by finnssjgod ,


  4. Posted by bigbadwolf ,


  5. Posted by gaara我愛羅 ,


  6. Posted by king_butternut ,

    I think @gaara我愛羅 is still salty about rocklee kicking his ass back during the exams

  7. Posted by kiddo koe憎い_gam30v3r,

    @hayval That’s twice there wasn’t a mouth on that face, so now I’m wondering if you actually don’t have one.

  8. Posted by gaara我愛羅 ,


  9. Posted by brittislit ,

    My ass Is mine

  10. Posted by gaara我愛羅 ,

    Just fuck. Fuck me. Fuck this.

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