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  1. Posted by midorima_30 ,

    @pai I see.

  2. Posted by Single_guy ,

    @tenshi987 bye😄

  3. Posted by pizzaston3r ,


  4. Posted by Single_guy ,

    @tenshi987 I won't

  5. Posted by tenshi987 ,

    Bye guys/girls!

  6. Posted by tenshi987 ,

    Oof I got to go. @single_guy please dont kill your self.

  7. Posted by Single_guy ,

    Laying on couch laying on the couch

  8. Posted by Single_guy ,

    @tenshi987 okay

  9. Posted by tenshi987 ,

    @single_guy *pulls you up and drags you over to the couch and lays you there* STAY!

  10. Posted by complexed ,

    @blessed // I don't know to be honest.

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