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  1. Posted by natawakun ,

    Hello may i join

  2. Posted by akise ,

    She’s too busy playing vidya.

  3. Posted by wolfbane ,

    Hey @suigeneris

  4. Posted by gam30v3r_961043035 _sorra_the_neko_gam30v3r,


  5. Posted by wolfbane ,

    Image attachment

  6. Posted by kiddo koe憎い_gam30v3r,

    Still haven’t seen the blue hair.

  7. Posted by midorima_30 ,

    Gotta look out for my homies.

  8. Posted by midorima_30 ,

    I always check on Sierra when she isn't being active and stuff.

  9. Posted by midorima_30 ,

    I like it.

  10. Posted by geekbabe5 ,

    :3 indeed

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