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    O no don't go no further

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    @whxlesome hey, hi, how ya doing there?)

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    He smiled brightly at her, he unclipped his tuxedo button. He then undid his lowershirt, and pulled both to the small of his back. Scars by the dozens, chunks of flesh torn out. Burns, and cuts all across his lean slightly toned body. He had a glum look on his face. On his left shoulder was a intricate tattoo, a stylized arrow-pointed-upwards with several diamond shapes connected to the base. “This is my source of magic, it’s a wayshire arcanic rune.” @princess_tai

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    She laughed at him, obviously thinking that it was funny that he had choked on his own fire breath. “What’s the shiny thing under your sleeve? I saw it, and I’m assuming that it’s something both expensive and pretty, and amazing to draw.” She said, peering over at his arm curious. “Also, you could’ve used something a little less flashy than fire. Now people are looking at us...!” She whisper shouted, covering her face with her hand. “Why do you think I was in the corner, genius?”

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    Three dad's stand together arguing about who's kids are better. The dwarf says his son is a natural at sniffing out valuable minerals. The elf says his daughter already knows several spells and can speak perfect Elvish and Basic. The Orc simply points to his son chasing the other two around with an axe. "My son can already terrify people, and he's only 4."

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    @princess_tai Fjord seemed sad at what she said “Well, I use the arcanic words of power. For instance.” Fjord turned away as he muttered something in a hushed norse tongue. A stream of flames shot out from his mouth, nearly touching the ceiling. Something shined below his tuxedo’s left sleeve. He coughed and smacked his lips, killing the fire across his mouth. “Excuse me.”

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    @princess_tai it’s only gross if you actually ‘frost’ the tips, but natural hair color?)

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    // Are we actually going to continue the rp? Please?-

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    @fjordツ DONT CORRECT ME))

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