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    @averysadtrashcan "Nice talking with you ma'am !" He grinned once again and waved her .

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    "Well I better be on my way then. Nice chat. Ill definitely be back." She said grabbing her last shot, downing it and walking out the door.

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    @averysadtrashcan "Hm . Strange ."

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    "Yeah. Fine. Dunno what happened there."

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    @averysadtrashcan He raises an eyebrow still grinning and walks to her , helping her up . "No clue . Are you okay miss ?" He still keeps grinning .

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    "I'd rather not say." Then she fell off her seat and landed on the ground. "WHAT THE HECK! Why does this always happen to me?"

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    @averysadtrashcan "Yes. For now . Also . What type am I ?"

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    "Ah your one of those type. I like those type." she replied with an interested tone in her voice "Very quiet 'round here eh?"

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    @averysadtrashcan Still grinning , he pulls out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it , then inhales , the grin still remaining . "Fun ? I find many things fun . Can't be specific though ."

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    This made her interested "Hm. Typical, should have known. So what's your idea of fun around here?" she downed another shot and shivered at the taste.

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