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  1. Posted by CaptainAvenger ,

    I created a bleach rp. So if anybody would like to join! DM me or go to my profile then click on the group thing and join by there.

  2. Posted by mavolence undeadentity_gam30v3r,

    (Who do I post bio to?)

  3. Posted by magi_55 ,


  4. Posted by magi_55 ,


  5. Posted by daerys ,

    Everyone join @rune_king_zaddy new bleach chat!!))

  6. Posted by muyumi_rika ,

    @hua btw love da pfp!!!!!!! Cute ass gurl)

  7. Posted by muyumi_rika ,

    @hua chili's??? ))

  8. Posted by hua ,

    Hi welcome to Chili's

  9. Posted by lin ,


  10. Posted by Kyle_Grant ,

    Well I'm free now so if anyone wants to rp I'm game))

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