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    Can I join))

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    @ein He looked at Kitten and jumped down, landing in front of her. “Yes Ms?”

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    Kitten went to the garden and looked around "Sebastian !" kitten looked around @_alpha_male_

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    Okay then))

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    @arabella_lovett can you be a dear and use these -> ))

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    @arabella_lovett Hello

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    @_belle_cipher_ Sebastian was gardening when he saw the girl on the roof, he jumped up onto the roof. “Hello Ms. Kora.” He bowed slightly, his usually smirk spread across his lips.

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    @ein Kora walked out of the manor and lookrd around. She decided to stroll through the garden, smelling the beautiful and fully bloomed roses. 'Hmm... This place sure is nice..' She let's a smile slip her lips as she floated up to the roof of the manor, sitting down and looking up at the moon.

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