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    Oh ok)

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    Kohina HirukoKanji 蛭子小比奈 (ひるこ こひな) Rōmaji Kohina Hiruko Alias Cursed Child Model Mantis CharacteristicsRace Human Gender  Female Age 10 Hair Color Blue Eye Color Red Professional StatusPrevious Affiliation Civil Security Corporation Occupation Initiator IP Rank 134 (formerly) Partner(s) Kagetane Hiruko Personal StatusStatus Active Relative(s) Kagetane Hiruko(Father) AbilityAbility Agility Physique Recovery Weapons Short Swords

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    @georgie_ ok)

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    Mhm) @ein

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    @georgie_ you good do I need to show you my bio)

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    Name: Kai Age: 17 Sex: male S/O: straight Likes:??? Dislikes: sexual girls Personality: shy and hides alot has a insane smile and is funny Species?????

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    @georgie_ of course)

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    @georgie_ tell me when your ready)

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