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  1. Posted by chipmunk550 ,

    @animeangel2020 how are you

  2. Posted by chipmunk550 ,


  3. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    @chipmunk550 haiii

  4. Posted by chipmunk550 ,

    Umm haii

  5. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Yea. it sucks :( i try so fucking hars to find people

  6. Posted by sebastchan_faustus ,

    I see

  7. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    If they don't leave, they use text talk or hate me for no reason

  8. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    @sebastchan_faustus and i need anyone to rp with... my partners always leave.

  9. Posted by sebastchan_faustus ,

    I need one

  10. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    @sebastchan_faustus nope. XD i kinda run off all the grells, they're a little uncomfortable with my oc normally. Mainky because of her heterpchromia (mismatched eyes)

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