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  1. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Okau @aloiskid dm me, i perfer you play kid tho

  2. Posted by aloiskid ,

    Hey! I'm Ari. I can RP as anyone from Black Butler or Soul Eater, but I usually main as Alois or Kid.

  3. Posted by animeangel2020 ,


  4. Posted by amazingalfawolf ,

    Name Jay Race. Dragon human Student weapon my weapon is two separate blue daggers connected​ by razor floss the razor floss is made of the same soul weapon material

  5. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Sure. I perfer you play cannon (or genderbent cannon) but ocs are allowed if i approve them

  6. Posted by amazingalfawolf ,

    @animeangel2020 can I join an can we play as our own person

  7. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Hello everyone and welcome to my chat :) please ask any questions you may have here. I will get back to you as soon as i possibly can!

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