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    "You'll see when we get out there," he said and took a mouse to the medicine cats den, where he'd done a few stretches of his own without her knowing. It was going to be a special day indeed. @sapphire16

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    @rampage Specklepaw looked at him and nodded " what are we doing today that's so special " she began to eat her mouse is small bits still looking up at her mentor

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    Owlsoar sat outside the den, a mouse in his jaws, he set it down beside her, "Good, your up. Eat and get ready to go, today's going to be very important." He said. @sapphire16

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    Specklepaw stood up in her moss nest and shakes her pelt of the moss that had clung to it though the night she let out a yawn then padded out of the apprentice den and stretched her paws forward then sat down and began to groom herself

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    @rampage k)

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    @sapphire16 great. Can you start please. I'm almost done eating.)

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    @rampage sure

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    @sapphire16 wanna do Owl and Speck?

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    @rampage check dms )

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    @sapphire16 check your dm

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