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  1. Posted by peintosu ,

    @elixer are u sure? ;0;;; and no i don't like op

  2. Posted by dollykayy ,

    as long as your not op

  3. Posted by dollykayy ,

    I'm so confused. since I love you and I know you @peintosu you can just have the assassin role

  4. Posted by iilium ,

    I would ask elixer about that one Idk man ||

  5. Posted by peintosu ,

    @aphrodite i could make her an old royal assassin. like she doesn't have that job anymore obviously but i could make it to where she was one at some point??

  6. Posted by iilium ,

    I think (personally) it's fine just one exception bc you don't act op or anything like that ||

  7. Posted by peintosu ,

    I just wanted to get an idea of them

  8. Posted by peintosu ,

    @aphrodite @elixer I mean she's gone, I'm not gonna rp her until she fits in the plot, if she even does

  9. Posted by peintosu ,

    Name: Kugar Fusiona Age: Unknown Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Job/Role: Demon Overlord Species: Demon Height: 6'5 Weight: 287 Appearance: white hair, red eyes. Personality: Keeps to self, intimidating, gentle when around Olivia and Irideth Backstory: Was an Overlord until he was banished for treason with mating of another species. Left mysteriously when Irideth was born.

  10. Posted by iilium ,


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