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  1. Posted by randomguy25 ,

    Hey I am looking for a female feedee to rp with (vore and weight gain)

  2. Posted by branon ,


  3. Posted by branon ,

    @vodarussalka u a girl u want a male u got one me

  4. Posted by beauautumn ,

    Hello, I'm looking for a male x make inflation/expansion RP. I do macro/micro, cum inflation, slime inflation, water inflation, soda inflation, air inflation (not my favorite), endosomata, soft vore (I don't want either main character digested, but I'll gladly have the dominant pred eat anyone who tries to hurt the submissive prey in the relationship.) Hyper, muscle expansion (Espescially if it involves big soft muscles and an even bigger, softer gut), weight gain (So long as it's mostly belly centered.) I'm gay, so I would like to make it clear I only do male x male RPs. Please DM me if interested.

  5. Posted by _glitches_ ,

    Any obese/fat girl wanna rp gf x bf? I got a plot

  6. Posted by disu ,

    Awh :<

  7. Posted by kelly23 ,

    @fumo I’m lesbian

  8. Posted by disu ,

    Can I?@kelly23

  9. Posted by kelly23 ,

    Message me

  10. Posted by kelly23 ,

    Any chubby lesbians here that are loyal

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