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    I-....is this kid like... serious?

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    @blame where I say her?))

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    @redツ Her?)

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    ((Sorry it took me so long my niece is crying))

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    @blame rogue smiled wearing clothes that resembles vegetas saiyan armor. Rogue was a proud saiyan elite that has been shifted between universe via random sprouting in random areas. Rogue had meet many other saiyans in his travels. Rogue kept his power level suppressed to 300 though his body build was obvious he was suppresed. He clenched his fist tightly as he entered the Same stance goku took at his first fight with vegeta as he smiled glaring her down with his eyes

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    @redツ Post.

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    Thanks, bud. @reaper_of_death

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    I clarified it with him on Discord.

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    @reaper_of_death Nevermind.

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