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  1. Posted by joshmcfaden83 ,

    @boron @wild_wick my character alone has been tryna stop them but he’s outnumbered))

  2. Posted by thot_patrol ,

    @boron I privated it to choke out, but these niggas ain't dying ||

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    @airadmiral He checked radar camouflage to make sure it was at peak efficiency. Warbird’s Sensors simply scanned up and down the corridor, looking for someone. He prepared to shoot a line onto the hull when he exited

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    The howl of the wind outside the doors was almost deafening as Arin put on his helmet and sighted the target. "TESLA ENGAGING IN THREE... TWO..." he yelled, then dropped off the side. "One." At this, he activated his boosters with a whump-boom and rocketed toward the small jet. Seconds later, he landed on top of the fuselage with a loud clank, and engaged the electromagnets on his hands and feet. Finally, he accessed the flight systems of the jet and reduced engine power. To those inside, it would seem like a minor engine malfunction.

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    @airadmiral “Speed is 600MPH, bearing 45 degrees north. 1 Klick away, prepare for Drop” He began to depressurize the drop pad, readying the ropes

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    "Fan fuckin tastic." Arin said, jumping out of his near-catatonic state. "Get me speed and heading. Then we can move."

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    @airadmiral “Scanners picking up Aircraft 20 Klicks northwest. Starting make and model scan...” There was a keypad to his left and he tapped a few keys on it. About a minute later, the keypad beeped. He reached behind his head and pulled down a small monitor “Learjet 85. Honeywell TFE731-40BR. 8 life signs aboard - two pilots, The Mayor, 4 guards, and I can’t identify the last one.”

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    Arin sat in silence, feeling around for the plane's mechanical and electrical energy. He wasn't sure how far away he should be able to detect it, since he'd never tracked a plane before, but he tried just the same. Eyes closed, he focused... @redskyatdusk625 @communist_general_petrov

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    @boron you and my character could meet up before trying to stop the villians and whatever they're doing lmao))

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    @thot_patrol Why didn't you tell me this started you hoe.))

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