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  1. Posted by levixerenclearxaoba ,

    I HAVENT BEEN HERE IN A WHILE SO I CAME TO SAY HEY!! 😁here’s my Levi Ackerman cosplay

  2. Posted by sumzy1168 ,

    Thank you

  3. Posted by dead_mau5 ,

    @sumzy1168 looks cool

  4. Posted by sumzy1168 ,

    I'm like mega new to cosplay and this was my first attempt please no hate >///<

  5. Posted by sumzy1168 ,


  6. Posted by dead_mau5 ,

    Hey everyone

  7. Posted by queeniej13 ,

    @levixerenclearxaoba hey how are you?

  8. Posted by levixerenclearxaoba ,

    @queeniej13 hey

  9. Posted by queeniej13 ,

    I saw cosplay and came to say hi :)

  10. Posted by levixerenclearxaoba ,


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