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    @nemi_ hia

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  4. Posted by yeastyishere4379 ,

    @vinyl_trash yeah

  5. Posted by xxcrustybunsxx ,

    @nfkrz that is true but books the books and movies were equally good even though they were different

  6. Posted by xxcrustybunsxx ,

    Don't have money, can't make another horrible movie xD

  7. Posted by yeastyishere4379 ,

    Honestly, it's the same for me even with Harry Potter. Like I love the Harry Potter movies but it just doesn't compare to the books.

  8. Posted by Arkinseth sereth_gam30v3r_68,

    @vinyl_trash and the box office money

  9. Posted by xxcrustybunsxx ,

    Probably didn't get good ratings as well

  10. Posted by Arkinseth sereth_gam30v3r_68,

    no wonder a 3rd one wasn't made

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