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  1. Posted by alien_chixk ,

    Seth hadn't been to particualer with the place. He needed to explore, walk around randomly and find where he ends up- that's how he would normally do it and that's how he would do it now

  2. Posted by bluefire ,

    @bassclef @alien_chixk Isaac smiled happily when his bags were taken, he then decided to have a looking around, first stop: the pool

  3. Posted by alien_chixk ,

    Seth had rented an apartment. Room #104. He hadnt meant for it to end up this way, but he needed a place. Maybe he thought something good would come out of this? He never really knew any thing- or thought about it too hard anyways. He was here now and that's what counts

  4. Posted by holybrine ,

    Jeannette, owner of the Willow Water Apartment Building, was a rich woman. She ran her Apartments happily. The building it's self is on a beautiful lake front in a small-ish city and the rent was $750 dollars, including utilities. She was a generous woman who lived in the building herself. She had been living there for a year and a half, when she bought the ex-hotel and made into beautiful apartments. She is always willing to help. She was in the lobby with hired movers to help them move in. @bluefire @alien_chixk @aestheticallypleasing @aventura

  5. Posted by bluefire ,

    Isaac was in the lobby when he had his black plastic suitcase and a normal one,he knew the room was already furnished so he only Needed clothes

  6. Posted by kamrynn ,

    could I have room 200? //

  7. Posted by holybrine ,

    @alien_chixk @aestheticallypleasing @bluefire You can start :) ))

  8. Posted by holybrine ,

    @scarpne I tagged you, and you)) @alien_chixk

  9. Posted by alien_chixk ,

    104/ Seth Tyson / @bassclef //

  10. Posted by nikita ,

    @bassclef wheres ze bio room?)

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