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  1. Posted by heraldofcybertron ,

    Doctor Who meets Dead Rising?

  2. Posted by heraldofcybertron ,

    Doctor Who meets Judge Dredd.

  3. Posted by shadowauthor23 ,

    Doctor meets Alien (like the movie)?

  4. Posted by fishcustard ,

    Mainly with the 11th Doctor.

  5. Posted by fishcustard ,

    Any characters are fine really! Sorry for the late response!

  6. Posted by roswin ,

    Are there certain characters you'd like in it?

  7. Posted by fishcustard ,

    I'd love to hear other people's ideas!

  8. Posted by fishcustard ,

    Any kind of AU really!

  9. Posted by roswin ,

    Hello! What sort of aus are you looking for?

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