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  1. Posted by how_is_space ,

    The doctor ends up at the edge of the universe, everything has been explored, everything has been seen, except what lies past the known universe which we inhabit. It seems to look like an eternal darkness, or rather, an eternal nothingness, stretching for miles and miles. There are no stars. No planets. No anything. Not even the dark. The doctor thought there was nothing there too, until one day he hears a scream for help... Coming from the nothing.

  2. Posted by heraldofcybertron ,

    Doctor Who meets Dead Rising?

  3. Posted by heraldofcybertron ,

    Doctor Who meets Judge Dredd.

  4. Posted by shadowauthor23 ,

    Doctor meets Alien (like the movie)?

  5. Posted by fishcustard ,

    Mainly with the 11th Doctor.

  6. Posted by fishcustard ,

    Any characters are fine really! Sorry for the late response!

  7. Posted by roswin ,

    Are there certain characters you'd like in it?

  8. Posted by fishcustard ,

    I'd love to hear other people's ideas!

  9. Posted by fishcustard ,

    Any kind of AU really!

  10. Posted by roswin ,

    Hello! What sort of aus are you looking for?

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