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  1. Posted by yamada ,

    Owari No Seraph Kiss Him Not Me Magi

  2. Posted by yamada ,

    The Devil Is A Part Timer Ouran Highschool Host Club Loveless Buddyz

  3. Posted by yamada ,

    Tokyo ghoul Black Bullet One Punch Man No Game No Life Yuri On Ice The disastrous life of Saiki K Assassination Classroom

  4. Posted by yamada ,

    My favorite animes Youjo Senki Devil Survivor 2 Boku No Hero Academia Black Butler Servamp Nabari No Ou

  5. Posted by Kairi_yona ,


  6. Posted by aizakku ,

    If anyone is looking to cry to absolute hell please watch Koe no Katachi, then Dm me😂

  7. Posted by orihara_kun ,


  8. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    Oh yeah and also Tokyo Ghoul

  9. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    Or Samurai Champloo

  10. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    Boku no hero acadamia

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