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  1. Posted by ayyyeager ,

    Read Battleworld Thor. After Dr. Doom became God, he uses Thors as policemen. However there is a murder mystery in different locations involving the same person, different version. It's awesome, thrilling, it's crime and mystery

  2. Posted by original_username ,

    Are you into really cheesy funny 90's comics? If you are I have the Just the comics for you to read

  3. Posted by inkk_kidd23 ,

    Are you looking for an active Marvel and DC rp group? Message on kik 'inkk_kidd23 for more information. We have an updated taken list so you can choose a character.

  4. Posted by solomon G,

    Geoff John's Aquaman run is by far the best superhero story i have read in a long long time.

  5. Posted by solomon G,

    @neonkitsune64 i only caught the end of his run at the start of the new 52. I really liked it, Geoff Johns is a freaking genius.

  6. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    @solomon not at the moment but I really enjoyed what little I read of Geoff johns green lantern

  7. Posted by solomon G,

    @neonkitsune64 do you read any non marvel comics?

  8. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    Oh cool, yea around the civil war 2 times it was kinda shitty but I stuck around and enjoyed what came out of it

  9. Posted by solomon G,

    @neonkitsune64 i don't keep up to date with marvel anymore, i normally just wait for the trades and buy them if the are good

  10. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    Sorta, not comfirmed

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