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  1. Posted by bladedtombstone_70 ,

    @rinne_sasuke @deli @ivan_ @helloitchy @saeyoungツ @helloitchy @victoria_ nuuuuuu I spent so much time planning this out and its deax

  2. Posted by bladedtombstone_70 ,

    @bitter did you read the aa by any chance?))

  3. Posted by Hyrule_Warrior ,

    @bitter thanks, you can still join as another person if ya like//

  4. Posted by jin人 ,

    @rinne_sasuke Well, good luck finding a Sakura 👌🏻//

  5. Posted by Hyrule_Warrior ,

    @bitter well this is more of a between shippuden and Boruto rp//

  6. Posted by jin人 ,

    @rinne_sasuke ^^

  7. Posted by jin人 ,

    I watched some of it. I got past Naruto and got into shippuden. The last I watched was when jiraiya died

  8. Posted by Hyrule_Warrior ,

    Well damn. You watch Naruto any?//

  9. Posted by jin人 ,

    @rinne_sasuke No.//

  10. Posted by Hyrule_Warrior ,

    @bitter you're fully caught up with her abilities too?//

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