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    Hey I'm back))@heeeeeyden @aesthetic0whore

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    Bye for the night guys)) @heeeeeyden @calzone @aesthetic0whore

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    "Well I'm a kind of "risk taker" per sé." He shrugged and handed her the glock that I killed him with. "Take this, as a gift just because I'm feeling nice."

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    @heeeeeyden alright))

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    @abraquaz let’s say he left the group))

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    Val had watched the stunt take place and she couldn’t help but feel angry. She stormed across the street and threw open the door. “What the hell was that Parz?” She snapped. “You’re our only member with a knowledge of medicine and you pull that shit?”

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    @heeeeeyden how do we exit him? Did he die or leave or something?))

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    @heeeeeyden alright))

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    @abraquaz it’s okay, just try to avoid it and give other people a chance to do some things))

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    @heeeeeyden sry))

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