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  1. Posted by druidry ,

    If you want to join a college based RP on Punks and Preps join Prime College.

  2. Posted by shadowmoonlight ,

    Come join everyone in the chat is considered family ^_^

  3. Posted by slecnat ,

    I'm looking for a realistic, perhaps historic, rp I could join.

  4. Posted by NorthernStar ,

    If anyone is interested in joining a WolfPack RolePlay, you are more than welcome to join the one I have created. It is Semi-Lit. cx ~

  5. Posted by nakmrseer ,

    Interested in a group about Fantasy along side Futuristic? Dm me and I'll explain more

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  7. Posted by ayanokoji_kaji ,

    DM me to join

  8. Posted by ayanokoji_kaji ,

    This is a game, not a rp...

  9. Posted by druidry ,

    Incase anyone wants to join.

  10. Posted by druidry ,

    🌖ṨŦƟƦƳ🌖 You know how our teachers told us about the two oceans that meet but never merge? That was life was for Supernatural and Humans. You'd think that after the countless years of slavery, discrimination and mistreatment, humans would know better than to start right back from where they were all those years ago. But that wasn't the case, it was never the case. Back in the 1600s when supernatural creatures were first discovered, they were frightened but skeptical. Everyday was the usual "Vampires? Ha! Those are just scary stories!" Or "Monsters aren't real! It's just a a scare tactic." It wasn't until the true reveal when a man named Charles the 3rd, late relative of Vlad the Impaler, came clean about being a supernatural creature of the night. Proving it by not only getting shot straight into the heart but proving his skills such as insane speed and strength. Some say that this was a good thing, coming out of hiding but not so much these days. After years and years of legal battles and wars, the world finally decided that the best option was to close off all resources and communication for the creatures, hoping that they would get the clue and realize they don't belong here. A fence guarded by high end hunters and several traps was set in place and since than, it's always been a separation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2017, the year of technology and opportunity. People changed, life changed, but the one thing that never changed was the separation of humans and supernatural. For years it stayed that way. The creatures were to live on their side of the land and the humans on the other. Occasionally humans would wander into the grounds and taunt the supernatural yet not much had progressed with living equally. That was until a group of freedom activist managed to persuade the government to not only remove the fence but to also live as one. The "SPPA" or Supernatural Protection Act, was passed with a 5 out of 2 vote early morning of April 2nd. The bill pledged that under the governments laws, anyone of a non-human species was to be able to live with humans, eat with humans, work with humans and overall live like a human would. With the help of a 12 million dollar fund, it would provide the families or individuals with free housing, healthcare, transportation, food and dental. The only downside to it all was the fact that after 5 years, you were required to give up your benefits and do everything on your own. While this was amazing news to some, it was tragic to others. Their homes that they had built for years would be taken, their lives changed, and a piece of paper didn't stop people from killing them. It was hell and heaven at the same exact time. It has been 5 months since the law came into effect, life was....life was like an ocean.

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