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    Semi-Adv. lit. Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Dystopia. Join us at New Pathos.

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    Anyone interested in a modern roleplay group where a group of people had crashed on a few islands? There is also a twist. Dm me.

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    @daddy_xoxo Ooooh

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    πŸ”₯Is Anyone Brave Enough To Enter Their OC In A Battle Arena? Find Out Just How Powerful You Are Against Other Fighters And Gain The Title "GrandMaster". πŸ”₯

  5. Posted by theegyptianresort ,

    Hello! Sorry, but can I ask a favor of you? I'm doing a "Reset and Rebuild of the world" type of rp, and I need active people for roles in my rp. Here are the roles needed: πŸ’€RolesπŸ’€ ~Scouts~ Scouts are people who roam around on the surface with weapons and gear, looking for roamers. They kill roamers if they do not comply, capturing them and taking them to the scientists and auctioning them off for use. They wear tech armor and masks. Scouts usually belong to the first creator of the underground world. They still have emotions and such, just like a human. Scouts are also the "police" of the underground. No one slacks off and everyone follows schedule. If anyone slacks off, they're arrested and taken to The Others. Only scouts can leave the underground. ~Inventors~ Inventors come up with new gear, new weapons, new ammunition, new androids, and so on. They do not create living creatures. They also create new structures, machines, and so forth. ~Scientist~ Scientists have the ability to breathe life into their creations, giving and taking away the ability to feel certain emotions if need be. They can create killing machines, birth machines, animals, and so on. They cannot invent, so they go to the creators with blueprints for their designs. They can also trade body parts as payment. ~Roamers~ Roamers are considered cockroaches of the earth. They're creatures (human included) that are either born and hidden away from the undergrown world or people that disliked the new world and managed to escape, spreading their seeds and multiplying. They are hunted by scouts. They're mortal. ~Test Subjects~ Test Subjects are usually fallen or still-living roamers that have been turned into guineapigs and turned immortal. Both scientists and inventors take them in, giving them new lives. Roamers can be revived and be turned into test subjects, if need be. ~The "Others"~ The "Others" are people who have become deity-like creatures that watch upon both worlds. They can see all and know all. They are able to create, destroy, and invent. However, they cannot do everything alone. They rely on the citizens of the underground world to keep peace. They do not show themselves, unless giving an announcement in the Square of the underground world. There are only five of them. (These people are chosen by the owner and are given admin. You can be an "Other" if you participate in the roleplay for a while. Don't ask to be an Other.) ~Drone Types~ Drone types are basically obsessed, crazed maids and butlers that were made to serve The Others. They have free will, but pray to them and serve them. They also have churches for those who wish to follow one, if not all, "Other". They roam the underground world and make sure everything is going smoothly. They would die for their Other, if need be. (Drone types aren't owned by a Other until the Other approves. You are free to be a Drone Type until one of them have chose you, or the person you chose accepts you.) If you have any questions, message me. The room name and appearance is in the picture I sent. Hope to see you there!

  6. Posted by vrisket_53 ,

    THERE ARE 2 PASSWORDS REQUIRED TO JOIN!! A captain. The crew. An island. A captain aboard a ship named Fair Lady has gathered a crew craving for adventure. However, a sudden and violent storm has caused the ship to crash on an island not on the map. With injured men, few supplies, and no information about where they are, things could only get worse. Oh, did I forget to tell you the most important detail? There's dragons. RULES: 1. Be respectful to everybody. Racial slurs, sexism, etc. will result in immediate ban. 2. This is semi-lit to advanced lit. Please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 3. No one-liners 4. No action marks 5. FOLLOW THE BIO SHEET I PROVIDE OR I WILL TELL YOU TO REDO IT 6. Keep things balanced! If there are a lot of dragons, then be a human please! Vice versa 7. Stay active. If you play an important role and suddenly disappear, I will give away your spot. 8. Don't be OP! Dragons are stronger than humans, but with good strategy they can be killed! Dragons, you get exhausted while fighting. YOU ARE NOT IMMORTAL 9. This is during medieval-ish times. Please stay in the set time period. Sorry, but you can't take a selfie and post it on twitter. 10. PLEASE ROLEPLAY IN 3RD PERSON!! 11. You will get two warnings before I send a really long lecture to you over DM. Mad at me? The exit is right there. 12. If you want another dragon type, consult with me in DM. 13. If you want to rp as 2 characters, ask me in DM Human and Dragon information in the Aa!

  7. Posted by nakmrseer ,

    Is anyone interested in a semi-literate roleplay group? It is a fantasy theme and it's not far in. The group is somewhat dead, but it'll be easy to revive. Dm me.

  8. Posted by baltigoa_6 M,

    Hey. I'm making an rp where it'll be about the next gen professors at hogwarts and I wanted to see if anyone would be interested. Don't just like this. If you're interested DM ME!

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    ❗This RolePlay will be LONG-TERM ❗ 🌟 If you're seeking a wolf roleplay with romance involved, then I may have something for you! 🌟 🌟 I'll immediately start off by saying that you're wolf OC must be a straight/bisexual male since my wolf character is a straight female. I don't care what gender you are in real life, I'm just asking for your wolf character to be a male. {Though, I'm kinda interested in seeking a male roleplay partner, but overall your real life gender does not matter.} 🌟 You must be Semi-Literate, I'd like someone who can type as much as me which is 3+ lines. If you're an advanced literate, that's completely fine with me but always keep in mind that I'm not so I will not be able to type as much or be as detailed as you are.Β  🌟 I also ask that your OC is a realistic one, meaning it must not have powers, wings, or unnatural colored fur or eyes. I am aiming this towards the realistic side. 🌟 I'd really love for this roleplay to last for a good long time. I prefer long-term roleplays. They're just much more fun, interesting, and a lot more developed. Now, I understand that you have a life outside of the app and cannot be active within our roleplay every second of the day and that's completely fine with me! All I ask is that you at least reply once each day, unless there is something important going on in your life, or you're just busy. I understand completely.Β  🌟 If you're still interested just DM me your wolf character's bio as a password {Please include a role play example!} Please, don't get triggered if I don't accept you, I have every right to. If I end up sending you my wolf's bio as a reply to yours, that means you have been accepted.Β  ⭐ Plot/Idea ⭐ βŠ™ Our two wolves are from completely different packs, who are enemies and have fought in the past a few times before. My character is from the Northerners Pack that lives on the northern and eastern part of a huge green valley, this pack owns the pine forest which is their main home, and the great beautiful mountains.Β  βŠ™ Your character is from the Woodland Pack which lives in the southern and western area of the valley, they own big wide beautiful meadows and their main home which is the great and forever lasting fields / plains.Β  βŠ™ A healthy flowing river is what separates the two pack lands, there are rocks / stones that go across it so wolves do not have to swim. Wolves usually only come to the river to hunt fish. No pack owns the river.Β  βŠ™ A new fresh season has rolled in, fall. And these two packs are still not very fond of each other. As usual.Β  βŠ™ Our two wolves are fairly familiar with each other since their two packs have fought recently, though they do not know each other's names. Though, its not like they care, right?Β  βŠ™ The way these two will meet is my wolf character, Polaris, will be walking along and checking up on her pack's borders since her rank and duty is a guardian. She will eventually spot your wolf character in the distance fish hunting, curious and not knowing what he is up to, Polaris sets out to investigate, approaching slowly with great caution. Though, your wolf will notice Polaris and immediately be annoyed of the Northerner wolf just stalking him.Β  βŠ™ Though, somehow they keep running into eachother. The more these two wolves bump into each other and speak to one another they'll soon gain feelings{The romance will be developed over much time.} But since they hated each other at first, they'll just keep pushing it away and den

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    ~Backstory~ This is a world not of earth but is filled with people. Yes some are regular humans.. other they have power.. either if it from using spells or if it's simple a human with ears and tails. This is the world everyone knows. The wolf is divided into many nations but the one that rises above all is alicane. This nation is filled with the most powerful. ~plot~ 4 people accidentally bump into each other in the forest while they are all being chased by something. Some are chased by monsters, some people, ext.. after running into each other they decide to all go to the near by town. The decided to go together since the forest is a dangerous place. They where gonna plot up at the town but what happens when they find out huge dungeons are appearing all over the world. In each dungeon at the top are a bunch of riches. The 4 decide to team up and split the riches among themselves. After work together they where gonna go separate ways but once they fight together they seem like the best fight group there is. What will happen. Will they stay together?? Or will they go there own ways? ~Rules~ Romance allowed. Once pants come off go to dms Don't start drama Ooc Don't be an attention addict Be active 5+ lines (More The Better) 3rd person Password: gender and power No text talk in rp, no action marks Use (( // || Ooc Use ".." when talking in rp Fighting allowed No killing Don't start fights Out of rp Have fun DM me if you can't make it to the rp Already said this but BE ACTIVE Anime pics only ~more later~ Male 1:@ Male 2:@ Female 1:@_Dream_ Female 2:@ ~MORE LATER~ Property of: @_Dream_

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