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  1. Posted by Lovebird ,

    Do you like the Aliens or Mass Effect series? Do you enjoy solving mysteries and surviving despite the odds? Then you'll enjoy this roleplay. 『 ʟɪɢʜᴛʏᴇᴀʀs ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ᴜs 』is a literate realistic sci-fi mystery that will involve elements of horror. The story is that humans have successfully reached Proxima Centauri, an earth-like planet 4 light-years away from us. Everything seemed to be going fine, until communications suddenly dropped. Its up to a small task force to answer all our questions, by going to Proxima. However, what they find may be too much for them to handle. Not all who make the journey will be making it back.

  2. Posted by Hannah293 ,

    Hello! We need more people for a family role play! Both female's and males are needed. Semi-literate please! Great detail! The role play is a family splitting apart due to their parents dying. Many families are in this role play. Wanna join? Just DM me or look for it in my groups! If you do wanna join them don't worry, everyone is friendly and will welcome you!

  3. Posted by Verycreativename ,

    Hello! If you are looking for a friendly, professional, literate to advanced literate Zombie Apocalypse RP! Join the Tide of Hunger! We are very realistic in terms of weaponry and medicine as we have military personnel and a licensed EMT as administrators! Will you survive?

  4. Posted by oncescared ,

    Hi!! Would anyone be interested in doing a roleplay where a non-human character or species adopts a human child? It's called interspecies adoption! I would highly like to be the child however can play as the parent at hand if you wish. I have a list on bio we can select from character/species wise. A roleplay a would really like to do is a mama she-Venom from Spider-Man that adopts a human child? Im actually writing a fanfiction based off of this!!

  5. Posted by Dandelion_liquor ,

    These are my ideas 1. A popular boy stops a few wanna-bes from bullying an unpopular but pretty girl. He becomes her friend out of pity, but they end up falling for each other. And he becomes abusive. 2. You're a successful business man in your mid thirties, Im a college student in my early twenties and your girlfriend. Im basically arm candy, though I love it and play the charming girlfriend well 3. Im the daughter of a mob boss. You're a new, up-and-coming rival boss. In order to obtain a good relationship between the families, my father plans to marry me off to you. Will you be able to handle me? Or will I be too much of a handful? 4. Batman roleplay: Batmans daughter, Allison Wayne, has grown up, and is taking Gotham by storm. But not in the way her father would like. But she always manages to barely avoid Batman. She catches Jokers eye. (Joker knows Batman is Bruce) 5. There has been a hideous murder in a townhouse between the city and the suburbs. They put Dr. Spencer Reid and his team from the BAU  (Criminal Minds) on the case. My character is the dead girls bestfriend and roommate, I also happen to be the one who has been hacking into government databases without hardly a trace. Though I've had Garcia on my tail without me knowing. Can the murder be solved? Is the blood on my hands or somebody else's? 6. AU Walking Dead rp. AU is without zombies but the main characters from the show are still acquainted. 7. TWD before outbreak (prefer one of the Dixons but in reality any character will do) 8. I am a passing traveler when I happen upon an inn where I meet a burly Nordic warrior who is a mercenary for hire. I decide to hire you for protection even though I don't actually have any gold to pay you. I don't tell you this. 9. I am a lonesome maiden from a noble family and my parents are off to travel when I hear a crash come from my window. You, a thief, have broken in and wasn't expecting any company. Now you have to do something about me. (Setting can change to modern times) Dm me with idea you want to do

  6. Posted by oi_oi_mofo ,

    Ello~ Legit just hoping people will join this. Please pop in Semi-lit

  7. Posted by borderline_winchesters465563 ,

    We need males for a couples roleplay. Real life pictures only in semi lit.

  8. Posted by oncescared ,

    I really wanna do a cute adoption roleplay between a non human character and human child :D. Anyone interested? We can discuss roles and what fandom to use. I have a list on bio of fandoms or species we can do.

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    Semi lit

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