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  1. Posted by nakmrseer ,

    I've never been one to do a length introduction to a roleplay, So I'll just cut right to the chase. Basically, it's a clean fantasy roleplay in which a somewhat young knight's home is destroyed and he goes after the culprit. This is the idea of a Group group I had created, and I am in dire need for more people. No specific roles are required to be filled, so bring just about any characters you wish. And don't be afraid to ask me any questions you have!

  2. Posted by hannah_chads ,

    Sewer Rats (Advanced Lit) The city is big, it's not uncommon for a few children to slip through its grasp, and into the sewers below. We're just the lucky ones. We have each other. But when the leader of these street rats dies, leaving them without a grown up, without a guide, all alone in the city, they've got to fight just to survive. The city is scary on the surface, strange creatures have taken over things that no longer resemble human being. The children must adapt to being alone, the fight for food causing lots of tension and a love story unfolds between the elders of the group. Will these factors break the group of lone survivors apart or will they strive and defeat the creatures on the surface? The Smart One: Taken •The smart one is the one with the most reason. She or he has been studying the creatures since the very beginning of the the outbreak and has even managed to find their weakness. They are often overlooked because of how weak they appear due to not wanting to shoot the creatures. The Jock: •The jock is the arrogant, sporty one. He or she is often outgoing and plans to be the martyr of the group. They are often disliked by the others because of the fact that they always want to do things their way. The Beauty: •The Beauty is the type of rich person that thinks everything thing revolves around them. They and the smart one do not get along well at all as they have much different approaches. The Shy One: Taken •This character doesn’t speak very much and often tries to shy away from situations which includes others. He or she usually stays alone which can be a problem in missions. The Theif: Taken •The theif is one of most useful characters because they have the extraordinary ability to steal food and important objects from different gangs and groups that the group encounter on the way. The Marksman: Taken •Silent but still mostly a badass he or she is a sharpshooter never misses a shot they take. They are mostly hidden in the shadows or in higher places when needed to be. They are protective of the group and plan to do whatever they can to make sure everyone stays alive. The Driver/Mechanic: •The driver is the character used mostly for get aways. They are able to drive quite a lot of vehicles the group picks up. He or she is able to hot-wire cars and fix the vehicles. Rules: Characters have to be ages 4-18 LGBT definitely allowed 🏳️‍🌈 Please send a bio to the chat. Romance is allowed but allow a build up please. (Only exception is if the relationship is already planned) If you want to talk to me about anything, please don't be afraid to ask! If you want anymore roles added just ask. Thank you!

  3. Posted by Kinkiness ,

    Vampires x Slaves Join us and and find out if you are a master or slave, masochist or sadist! It doesn’t matter, just have fun!

  4. Posted by aviar ,

    Senso Humans were an... odd bunch of creatures. Compared to other beast, they were physically weak, slow, and frail. But what they lacked in physical power, they made up for in cunning. With a mind equally capable of destruction as it is creation. Although more often is the former chosen. And while man would like to think themselves separated by class or race or other arbitrary things... in truth, the distinctions between different cultures and peoples from a broader view are not so clear. Many lands have made pyramids, many tell tales of dragons... And many have discovered the usage of Ki. The inner energy within all living beings, mankind trough that ingenuity, cunning, and training had discovered how to harness this primordial essence of life, turning it into both a tool, and predictably a weapon. Many different ways of both were discovered. Using its restorative properties to heal injuries and strengthen the body, forcing the flow through metal to make weapons absolutely devastating. But the most widely practiced way to channel Ki is through martial arts. Through the flow of Ki through the body to change the human form from ordinary to superhuman. The year... was 1612. The first emperor of the Tokugawa Shogunate had passed away not a year earlier. While the Emperor no longer truly ruled, his image as the soul of Japan was incredibly important, and left the nation wondering over which of his children would claim the title. Meanwhile, control of the Teikoku no kuroi te (Imperial Black Hands) was transferred from the royal bloodline to the Shogun, who used to enforce a his will across the land. And in response to this rising grip on the common folk... a desire to fight back rose. A desire to break the yoke of oppression that had been cast over them so quickly. A rebellion formed. For the fate of a nation... which side will you fight on?

  5. Posted by xx_assassin_xx ,

    @kakegurui I could teach you how to spar, if you want.

  6. Posted by gabby_ ,

    Your parents/guardians have had enough of your wild behavior, so, as their last resort, they send you here to Edenstone Academy, a boarding school in a remote area for children just like you. In this school, there aren't many rules because most of the staff and faculty are actually afraid of the students. Anything could happen! Drugs, violence, you name it. Can you survive going to this school? If that interests you ^^ Join the roleplay group, where there are practically no rules (:

  7. Posted by 国史無双 ,

    @sithis Awesome! However, I know nothing about the fighting system, and I'd love a good tutorial of the T - 1 fighting system.

  8. Posted by ramirez_ ,

    If this place is even still active Want to do a Transformers Rp that is not based off the Movie-verse or have Movie-verse based characters? then come join my Transformers Rp

  9. Posted by xx_assassin_xx ,

    ⚔️Join The Fight In The Battle Arena. (Adv. Lit. Only.) ⚔️

  10. Posted by disparition ,

    Welcome to The Gallery. This is at heart a slave trade. Inspired by the world portrayed in the manga series "Blood Bank." In this world Vampires have taken over and reigned over the humans for many years. While the Vampires have assumed all the important roles in society, humans where placed in farms where they live out their everyday lives in small dwellings while being milked of their blood to be sold to the Vampires at what are called blood banks. Hense the name. All vampires are bred to be beautiful, humans on the other hand are all nearly the same. Dark colored hair and dark eyes are traits that dominate most of the human population. There are the exception however. A handful of humans are born with qualities unlike the rest, brightly colored eyes or even odd colored hair sets them apart from your every day mortal. These individuals are taken from their farms at a very young age, trained by vampires to one day be sold as perfect little pets to high class vampires. These humans have been given the name, Art. There are four roles to be played in this rp. Art: Mortal humans with unique features that wait on either side of the room to be chosen by a vampire. As they have been taught since before they can rember they must always obey the Vampires. Though they may not like it they will not say so under any circumstances. If you wish to be an Art you must be willing to give up all desires and dedicate your life completely to the vampire who chooses you. Humans do not have any powers or other abnormalities such as ears or horns. Keep it simple. Vampire: The higher ups in this society have gotten it in their head that they are too good to drink the same blood as every one else so they purchase Arts, their own personal source. Vampires will not touch the art unless they have purchased them and must speak with me or another moderator before purchasing. Tradesmen: It is your job to make sure the Arts look presentable at all times and try your best to sell the Arts when vampires come in looking to buy. Tradesmen are vampires only. Bought Human: Humans fortunate enough to have rare blood types are available to be purchased by vampires to do the jobs they themselves can't be bothered to do. In the case of the manga they are tellers at the banks and such, here you keep to the bar and cater to the wondering vampires browsing the Art, as well as provide the Arts with provisions should they need it. All bought humans must wear a collar with a gear, engraved with a number around their neck. You may choose your number but it must be in the thousands and you must tell me. It would be nice if you would include the number in your bio once hired. Rules: This is an rp so let's keep the ooc to a minimum. If you wish to take on a role as part of the staff, ex. Bought Human or Tradesmen then you must contact me. After a trial period these two roles may receive adminship depending on activness and effectiveness. Try to keep it literate. Aka no one liners. Arts may talk to each other when no vampires are looking to buy but not while. Once an Art is purchased they are welcome back but only at the behest of their vampire and are not aloud to attempt in any way to take another art. Vampires are aloud to at most three arts. Once purchased it is considered rude for a vampire to touch another vampires Art unless given explicit permission. Even after being purchased art's must obey their vampires ever command. It's an all or nothing role. If you take on a staff

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