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  1. Posted by _kid__jay_ ,

    Did I type that? @wonhoe

  2. Posted by wonho형원 ,

    @_kidd__jay_ I make, advanced literature Roleplays. Are you implying that I put no Thought? Into my "AA's"?

  3. Posted by _kid__jay_ ,

    @wonhoe depends on how you make it. I'm putting some thought into how I want the rp to go @wonhoe

  4. Posted by zoeyisbeaut ,

    @valorous yeah you make stories, you improv with roleplay

  5. Posted by Valorous ,

    @zoeyisbeaut That's not true. I definitely plan out a story before I make one.

  6. Posted by wonho형원 ,

    That takes like three minutes to make ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Posted by _kid__jay_ ,

    And I'm only making the basis of the rp I'm working on the AA @zoeyisbeaut

  8. Posted by _kid__jay_ ,

    Depends on the type of to @zoeyisbeaut

  9. Posted by zoeyisbeaut ,

    @_kidd__jay_ what you're doing is making a story

  10. Posted by zoeyisbeaut ,

    @_kidd__jay_ you don't plan out RP you make it up as you go

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