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  1. Posted by superkalaii ,

    Choking. Hair pulling. Pet play. Stretching. Toys. Loving. Real life and females only. Dm your dom my dear.

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  3. Posted by lexkalyber ,

    Hello all

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  6. Posted by moe_girl ,

    @whatsup3653 Well, idk I just came across this group chat so yea

  7. Posted by whatsup3653 ,

    same what are you here for@princess_miia_arcadia

  8. Posted by moe_girl ,

    @whatsup3653 Nothing much just laying down on my bed hbu?

  9. Posted by whatsup3653 ,

    whats up@princess_miia_arcadia

  10. Posted by moe_girl ,

    @whatsup3653 Heyo

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