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  1. Posted by akihiko_kun ,

    ...tho there's always like mangafox or phone app you could use?

  2. Posted by akihiko_kun ,

    Oh and I read Tokyo ghoul too, haven't continued with the anime. I don't think I arrived to s2

  3. Posted by akihiko_kun ,

    Ohhh, haha could think of it as that??

  4. Posted by fosterfroster ,

    Do you have any idea where I could read tokyo ghoul online? The anime goes to shit in season 2

  5. Posted by fosterfroster ,

    Very, it was a hell of a few hours

  6. Posted by akihiko_kun ,

    Oh that is sweet!

  7. Posted by fosterfroster ,

    Now I'm free lol

  8. Posted by fosterfroster ,

    10 minutes lmao

  9. Posted by akihiko_kun ,

    I'm not good with timezones but, hey try and have fun with work or something like it

  10. Posted by fosterfroster ,

    Pretty good, just got to work so I wont be on much till 3:15

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