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    Race Xavier 1st Alexander 2nd

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    These are my main naruto ocs Name: Xzavier Age:16 Gender:male Clan:namikaze Rank: high chunin Wielder of: shibuki and a sharingan in his right eye Chakra natures: lighting wind Jutsus: lightning release blade technique Lighting shadow clone technique Wind style faithful blade Chidori senbon Armor of wind Rasengan Bio Template Name: Todoroki Uchiha Uzumaki Gender: male Clan: Uchiha/Uzumaki Age: 17 Kekkei genkkei: right eye- eternal magyenko sharingan. Left eye- rinnigan Tailed beast: 9 tails(yang) Chakra natures: lightning fire wind Personality: playful yet confident and kind Talents: chakra levels and chakra control Ninja info Chakra: 10/10 Kenjutsu: 6/10 Senjutsu: 2/10 Ninjutsu: 9/10 Genjutsu: 8/10 Taijutsu: 3/10 Fuinjutsu: 7/10 Rank/role: hidden leaf sanin Jutsu list: fire style fireball jutsu Fire style pheonix flower jutsu Fire style majestic destroyer flame jutsu Lightning realease: element skin jutsu Lightning release lightning dragon attack Lightning release hand of torture Shadow clone jutsu Great infinite sandblast breakthrough etc Backround: son of rinna Uzumaki and dandaro Uchiha this young shinobi along with his other 2 bro Name: Xzavier hyuga uchiha Age:16 Gender:male Clan: hyuga/uchiha Rank: anbu Chakra natures: fire lightning wind Kekkei genkki: magyenko sharingan Tailed beast: 9 tailed beast Traits: playful yet confident Eyes: right(magyenko sharingan) left(Byakugan) Jutsus: fire style fireball jutsu Fire style pheonix flower jutsu Fire style majestic destroyer flame jutsu Lightning realease: element skin jutsu Lightning release lightning dragon attack Lightning release hand of torture Shadow clone jutsu Great infinite sandblast breakthrough Backstory: my father rizutetsu Uchiha and mother manaka hyuga fell in love at a young and had me one day as a genin I arrived home to see both of my parents decapitated in my living room which awa.......... the rest is lost forever

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    @thesinofslothking ok)

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    @xzavier Add me

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    Existence consists of 3 realms the realm of the gods aka Aria the realm of the mortals aka the earthen plane and to realm of the spectrals monsters and beings with Anti divine magical power they once ruled over all 3 planes of existence eventually causing the universe to implode but from the spectrals a being was born who had access to divine magic which combats that of the anti divine he rebelled against the spectrals for he say what they were doing to existence he was able to wipe wipe most of them from existence however some survived he they kept coming back reforming there was one thing he could do he sealed them all in one of the realms which is now known as the spectral realm and he locked them there for eternity only the one who had his special form of divine magic could open the seal he used the rest of his power to create his children who also could use divine magic they were known as gods and they managed the realms the first god is known as the Omega and went down in history as the hero of chaos he then disappeared in the blink of an eye the gods however say the last realm as an opportunity and they created 10 demigods as they were called they did not have access to divine magic instead they had a lesser version known as holy magic the demigods soon had children with one another these beings had magical properties but rarley and they couldn't use holy magic they were known as humans tens of thousands of years later the human realm grew incredibly and they started to create their own governments and such some say the demigods were reincarnated as the Hydrex was created which is a 100 sided shape that contains power from all the gods it was created so that if one day the gods would perish the Hydrex would still have the power to fuel the universe however one day the oldest of the gods Reana known as the goddess of death and bloodlust went eveil and became impure she craved power and stole the Hydrex she used all the power for herself it made her so powerful her power might rival that of the Omega's the Hydrex allowed her to unlock the spectral realm which she did and she led them as her army to kill the gods destroy both realms and takes them over as her as the queen the supreme goddess as the Hydrex power was forced out some humans started to change creating new races and the demigods were reincarnated it is only up to the mortals and the gods to stop her she has already started her attack on the mortal realm killing Millions all the races blame each other for starting this war and they have created territorys per race so there would be conflict no longer however it seems they must do something fast or everything as they know it will be lost RULES no godmodding No being op Gods can only come to the earthen realm through a mortal host which limits their power plus their host can die No spamming Demigods are not immortal No advertising No disrespect No autohit No auto dodge Be fair Gods have to be active to keep their status You can be the god of whatever you want just nothing to op Demigods don't need to have the same magic as the gods No killing without permission No one liners No arguing unless you want to get banned Password is "Roku" Be warned if you enter another races territory without reason or another person of that race if they fight you they don't need permission to kill Gods as humanlike beings DM me if you think of more Current arc: Next begginings Old Destructions Event: Gods: 1 me aka Xavier god of time and

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    I made a better roleplay named seven deadly sins spectral war join that one if you wants its tons of fun

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    @thesinofslothking *i bite your neck softly and gently*

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    @shimu_chan Cute

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    @thesinofslothking *i blush lightly as i bury my face into your neck*

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    @iran No they still hate each other

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