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  1. Posted by cheshireyui ,

    @otakuweirdo one sec, I'm remaking it to try and get a few more people.

  2. Posted by otakuweirdo ,

    (Oh goodie where are we at right now))

  3. Posted by cheshireyui ,

    @otakuweirdo of course!))

  4. Posted by otakuweirdo ,

    (( May I join ))

  5. Posted by cheshireyui ,

    @darkpastelyt Yui grabbed the scissors, chopping the ribbon in half, as the guitarist started to jam out. The crowd cheered as she lifted the scissors into the sky.

  6. Posted by darkpastelyt ,

    Kizana signaled the guitarists and passed @cheshireyui some scissors "Go!" She whispered

  7. Posted by darkpastelyt ,

    Then let's change that @cheshireyui ))

  8. Posted by cheshireyui ,

    @darkpastelyt no it's fine, I just feel bad that we haven't gone through the hotel opening yet.

  9. Posted by darkpastelyt ,

    I'm so sorry @cheshireyui ))

  10. Posted by cheshireyui ,

    I sorry I haven't exactly been on. Someone just died in my family, so this week's been pretty shitty. ))

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