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  1. Posted by kyroe ,

    @theblackraven_ I’m finna change my character completely/

  2. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @lunamoonlight1 K))

  3. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    @theblackraven_ I'll still keep my character tho...or maybe I'll change her . ))

  4. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @lunamoonlight1 K thanks!!))

  5. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    @theblackraven_ Sure why not . ))

  6. Posted by kyroe ,

    Oh, damn....reincarnation time//

  7. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @lunamoonlight1 Hey. When you get the chance I want to ask if it would be okay if I can recreate it so it will live on. I will of course add you and give credit to you I just don't want to see a good chat like this die))

  8. Posted by thebrokengod ,

    @madstar It's cool I'm going to school anyway ))

  9. Posted by madstar ,

    @thebrokengod (( hi sowwy I'm gonna go and sleep but ttyl k ))

  10. Posted by thebrokengod ,

    @madstar Hi))

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