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    @mephisto_pheles_ Awesome

  3. Posted by lexi_rexy ,

    I love anime... And I'm emo

  4. Posted by mephisto_pheles_ ,

    You have come to the right place

  5. Posted by neveah_joyce_chan ,

    I heard Emo and Anime..

  6. Posted by mephisto_pheles_ ,

    Lol XD

  7. Posted by Nostalgic .,

    I skipped to the last volume

  8. Posted by mephisto_pheles_ ,

    Good to know...I still have to read it

  9. Posted by Nostalgic .,

    The manga goes into more detail. It's makes up for the ending of the anime

  10. Posted by mephisto_pheles_ ,

    Lol but I am sad that at the end of host club while they were falling off the bridge they never kissed

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