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    Lance looked out the living room window and took a picture of Keith texting and read the messge. As soon as he replied Lance sent him the photo of him. [My aunt has a really good view of ur bedroom window btw u better not be punching (:] He only teased him, Lance doesn't have actual time for watching him all day. He realized he was missing something, he had his phone, his shoes, confidence- but his jacket was still in Keith's room. "Ah shit, y'know I'll get it later" he said to himself. He went by the tv and sat on the couch and just watched tv the rest of the day. || @kuuro_monokuma ||

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    @babygirlhails1995 and most 3 year olds are in pull ups going to regular underwear. And password ?||

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    @babygirlhails1995 um I cannot allow you to be that age. It is the same for abbymae. You will have to ask one of the aunts to take care of you . Because if your a baby you cannot take care of yourself so yeah . ||

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    Keith sighed and looked at his phone seeing a message already. [I'm not mad.] Keith simply replied. He knew Lance told him not to, but punching was pretty much a habit of his, and its not like Lance was there or anything so he began punching again. He put on headphones in hopes that the music would block out the pain. He wasnt trying to hurt himself, he merely just like punching. || @mitskuni ||

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    Lance sighs sadly as he was left outside with a half assed goodbye but accepted it anyways making his way to his aunts house across the street. He went inside to be greeted by her but she soon left to go work, so she left him with some food and keys. He texts Keith a message, [Hope ur not mad at me ;;] [I luv uuu alot alot] Lance felt that Keith was mad at him and kind on wanted to make up for it. || @kuuro_monokuma ||

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    "What was the point it making it sound like that..?" he sounded a bit sad but quickly snapped put of it "A-anyway, yea! Um we don't want your Aunt getting mad, so go ahead and go home." he smiled and waved as he led Lance outside. "Bye! See you later, you can come over whenever you dont have to tell me." he hugged Lance goodbye abd he shut the door, goinf back up to his room. || @mitskuni ||

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    "Oof- you really did fall for it, of course not you're my one and only. Plus she's asexual and aromatic and her older brother would probably kill me if we did. And we gave eachother those nicknames when we were 8, it's just a childhood thing" he explained feeling a little bad for Keith, but he didn't want to let go of his hands because Lance didn't want him to hurt himself. "No more punching bags okay, for my sake. I don't want you to get hurt in any way, I have to leave soon before my aunt gets mad." Hopefully he listens because if Lance knew Keith was hurting himself on purpose he is going to help him. || @kuuro_monokuma ||

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    "Are you and Katie dating? Normal people dont give one another nicknames. Thats typically and couple thing." he shrugged as he attemoted to get his hands back "Can I get my hands back now? I don't want you to get my blood on your hands. Thats gross." || @mitskuni ||

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    @babygirlhails1995 Alright and Im not sure//

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    That's fine I can be a niece 3 year old and can I be in pull ups still?)

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