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  1. Posted by kuuro_monokuma ,

    @mitskuni Hm..wanna go to dm to do it so we can do time skips and stuff?))

  2. Posted by mitskuni ,

    @kuuro_monokuma so sad -,~,-//

  3. Posted by kuuro_monokuma ,

    @mitskuni ;-;))

  4. Posted by mitskuni ,

    Rip chat ;;//

  5. Posted by kuuro_monokuma ,

    Keith finished punching and quickly went to shower. After he finished showering, he quickly fell asleep.

  6. Posted by mitskuni ,

    Lance waved bye then walked across the street then entered his aunt's house greeting her then going into his room falling in his bed to sleep

  7. Posted by kuuro_monokuma ,

    "Uh y-yea.." he nodded and waved "Thanks for today, I had fun!" he kossed Lance's cheeks and walked into his house. He then walked to his room and began hitting his punching bag like usual. He knew that Lance wouldn't approve but whatever. @mitskuni

  8. Posted by mitskuni ,

    Lance noticed Keith trying keep up so the started walking closely and slowly until they reach their street. "Well it's goodbye for now then huh Mullet?" @kuuro_monokuma

  9. Posted by kuuro_monokuma ,

    Keith smiled and drank carefully. "Heh. Thanks!" he had to walk at a slight faster pace than normally for him since Lances legs were longer. He smiled as he felt his whole body warming up. @mitskuni

  10. Posted by mitskuni ,

    "You don't have too, on me" he said smiling putting an arm over him sipping cautiously on his drink, walking in the direction of their neighborhood. @kuuro_monokuma

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