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  1. Posted by clock_work ,

    ((Hi can I be clockwork))

  2. Posted by aaronxaphmua ,

    Hi can I join and be Jeff the killer))

  3. Posted by that_one_weirdo_ ,

    Hi may I join?))

  4. Posted by sociopathic_otter ,

    Jack was still stood in the shadows of the porch, his arms folded a wide smirk on his face. He moved his glossy black hair out of his face as he saw a person in the distance

  5. Posted by wassup_its_axel ,

    Thank you😃)) Jane flew through the forest, attempting to make her way to the dark mansion that was supposed to be here. By now her nerves were shocked, She never was a patient one. And she had already been in this flipping forest for two hours searching. She was getting ready to give up when she saw the outline of a house. "Finally" She mumbled

  6. Posted by katethechaser ,

    Of course you can)) @wassup_its_axel

  7. Posted by wassup_its_axel ,

    Yay! Can I join as her please?) @Katethechaser

  8. Posted by katethechaser ,

    Yeah she is)) @wassup_its_axel

  9. Posted by wassup_its_axel ,

    Hey is Jane open?))

  10. Posted by katethechaser ,

    Lol)) @no_one_special

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